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Private banking comparison

Collection Kit
Isolation Method
Cord Blood Storage Unit
Freezing Method
Certifications / Accreditations
Additional Provisions

- Special collection kit to maintain the temperature at the desired level during the transport of the sample

- Compatible with the Greek and European legislation on the transport of tissues

- Use of collection bags especially designed for umbilical cord blood collection, containing the proper amount of anticoagulant fluid

- Owned facilities

- Clean room grade B

- Clean room grade C

- Automated
- Double part cryobag & 2 cryovials

- ISO 9001

- ISO 15189

Following the most recent standards of

- Netcord/FACT


- 24hour online surveillance

- Security

- Online alert system in case of nitrogen leak

- Temperature fluctuation warning system in cryopreservation containers

- Insurance coverage contract in case of potential use of the sample

- Package offers including gratuities

- Certificate of successful cryopreservation of stem cells

Other family banks

- Simple collection kit

- Simple collection bag for blood (instead of cord blood)

- Rented facilities

- Almost none have a Clean Room

- Manual
- Just cryovials

- Initially direct freezing to -80οC

- After that direct freezing to -180οC

 Ορισμένες εταιρείες ακολουθούν

- ISO 9001

- ISO 15189

Some family banks follow

- Netcord/FACT


- Temperature fluctuation warning system in cryopreservation containers

- Oral assurances of financial assistance to parents in case of use of the sample

- Certificate of successful cryopreservation of stem cells

The simple collection bag for blood is not suitable for collecting cord blood
The use of Clean Room gives a zero percent chance of sample contamination in the lab
When applying the manual method there is a possibility of contamination of the sample as well as obtaining a lower number of isolated stem cells
According to international standards, cryobags are the most accepted and offer better and safer cryopreservation
Gradual freezing destroys the smallest possible number of cells in comparison to the pre-freezing directly to -80oC
These certifications guarantee the proper and safe operation of the laboratory and the procedures it follows
Failure to comply with international standards undermines the laboratory procedures followed
Absence of notification and monitoring of storage facilities, have as a potential consequence the unsafe storage of samples
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